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Demonstration videos from online coaching program

Athletic Assessments

Metabolic Conditioning Classes

Online Coaching

  • Specialty classes for small groups, size is dependent on availability of equipment
  • Introductory workshops must be completed prior to joining the classes
  • Starting at $143/mos (not including tax)
  • Measuring power, power transfer and strength endurance
  • Limited to experienced trainees only
  • Starting at $105 (not including tax)
  • A great option for individuals with training experience and a high degree of personal accountability who are looking for a structured, professionally designed, goal-oriented program and cost-effective solution
  • Not recommended for those with little to no previous training history
  • Starting at $105/mos (not including tax)

​Lower Mainland, BC |  1 (604) 916 7733  |  guy@omegaathlete.com

Semi-Private Coaching

  • Small to medium sized general fitness, conditioning and fat-loss focused programming
  • Perfect compliment to a complete strength-training program
  • Starting at $82/mos (not including tax)
  • Programming and coaching is provided to a maximum of 3 clients at a time. Sessions run for 45-60mins, depending on the program
  • Programs are designed and tailored to the individual
  • A limited number of private sessions may be recommended if someone is currently recovering from injury, or if they have little to no experience in a training environment
  • Starting at $165/mos (not including tax)

Kettlebell Classes